Dr. Al- Khasawneh currently hold the position of Associate Professor at (GUST). He has a substantive track record of high-quality academic publishing in his areas of interest, which include bank efficiency dynamics and productivity of conventional and Islamic banks. Dr. Al- Khasawneh’s forthcoming research focuses on integrating bank efficiency with macroeconomic indices. Beginning from the year 2000 , during his early days in academia as Teaching Assistant at the Hashemite University, Jordan, and to this day in (GUST), he taught several graduate-and undergraduate-level Finance courses. Dr. Al- Khasawneh’s classroom experience has been further developed by a large number of presentations at academic conferences and workshops.

Areas of Specialization 

1. MBA Courses

  • A. Financial Institutions.
  • B. Portfolio Theory.
  • C. Derivatives.
  • D. Quantitative Methods in Finance.
  • E. Managerial Finance.
  • F. Financial Analysis.

2. University of Jordan

  • A. MBA Courses : Financial Economics.
  • B. Ph.D. Courses : Selected Topics in Monetary Theory - Financial Economics

3. Yarmouk University

  • Risk and Uncertainty.
Dates Job Title & Experience
Dec, 2005 Ph.D. University of New Orleans, Financial Economics, Dec, 2005. Field: Banking and Financial Institutions.
May 2005 MS in Financial Economics, University of New Orleans .
August 1998 M.B.A in Finance, University of Jordan.
1995 B.Sc in Finance and Banking, Yarmouk University.
Training Experiance 
Dates Employed Job Title & Experience
September 2009- now Assistant Professor, Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), Department of Economics and Finance, Kuwait,
February 2006- August 2009 Assistant Professor, The Hashemite University, Department of Banking and Finance, Zarqa-Jordan.
2002 - 2005 Research and Teaching assistant, University of New Orleans, Department of Economics and Finance.
1999-2001 Research and Teaching assistant ,The Hashemite University, Department of Banking and Finance, Zarqa-Jordan.